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Translation Memory

This course aims to give professional and trainee translators the opportunity to experience the latest developments in the field of Translation Memory (TM). The resources available address the main principles and techniques relating to TM, its advantages and disadvantages, as well as the place of TM in a typical translation workflow and potential future developments.

Table of Contents

1 Introduction to Translation Memory
  •     Introduction to Translation Memory
  •     Working with TM
2 File formats
  •     File import: File formats
  •     File import: Segmentation rules
3 Translation Memory creation
  •      Alignment
4 Statistics
  •     Statistics
5 Terminology extraction and management
  •     Terminology extraction and management
6 Translation proper 7 Translation Memory management
  •     Managing TMs
8 Translation wokflow with TM
  •     TM considerations in the translation project workflow
  •     TM in the translation project wokflow: pre-processing
  •     TM in the translation project workflow: translation and review
  •     TM in the translation project wokflow: post-processing
9 Quality Assurance with Translation Memories
  •     QA with TM: General issues
  •     QA features of TM tools
10 Collaborative work with TM tools: exchange standards
  •     TM and TD exchange
11 Future of TM
  •      Future of TM

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